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Oftentimes we don’t realize that what we share with others actually does and can impact another life. Since SUI was introduced to the public it has captured the hearts of many who have shared with us that we have saved their lives by providing a plateform for those who need to reach out to others who also have a story and was willing to share their stories in hopes it could save another life through compassion, love and understanding. 

Every single person alive has experienced a story of heartache at one point in their lives, but it is in those stories we found the strength to rise above the pain as well as the insurmountable obstacles that came with those experiences that helped us to all Stand UP and rise above it once and for all. 

You are here to share a story that could possibly prevent someone from taking their life this very second! Please don’t hesitate in sharing  it’s not easy we understand, but it truly does make a difference. If you choose not attach your name to your story  we completely understanding and will post it signed Anonymous. We respect your privacy and take it very seriously.

Thank you for making a difference. Blessings always

Lori Kerkes



Break free from the pain of your story.

Break free from the pain of your story. 

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Felisa’s Story

For all my Sister's out there who are afraid to stand UP and tell their story of just how it really was and is to be a victim of rape. Many rapes are not reported because of threats of being killed by their attacker if they talk. I was one of those victims who’s life was threatened and the lives of my family if I were to say a word about my rape to anyone!

The damage to my life has been beyond traumatic and I was afraid for so many years and I'd be lying if I told you that my fear has gone completely away but I have learned to live with it the best way I can taking life one day at a time healing the deep emotional wound that lives within me.

This is my Story...

My cousin asked me to ride with him to Muskogee, to pick up some parts for my uncle. So I rode along, singing to all the country songs on the radio all the way. We arrived at a gas station. My cousin went in while I stayed in the truck. The man pumping the gas started up a conversation and before I knew it he asked me out to dinner while washing the truck window. We exchanged phone numbers and I felt excited because it was the first real time I had been asked out.

Excited, I told my cousin and he encouraged me by saying the old fimilure words my family had been saying ever since I told them I was Gay. So for me this was a big deal and it seemed to make everyone happy.

A couple days later he called and asked me out to dinner and I happily accepted. He was going to drive all the way to Tahlequah just to pick me up where I was living at my Aunt and Uncles house. To me that was a wow factor as well.

We went to dinner and he dropped me off and I was again impressed. So impressed that I moved 3 months later to Muskogee so that we could spend more time together.

He took me to his Father and Mother’s house and we had dinner and watched tv. He then dropped me back off at my place.

Time goes on and my thoughts were wow this may very well be that one everyone has been teLing me would just show up in my life and be the One. He surprised me with a TransAm. A Black one with the Golden Eagle on the hood and the windows that come off.  

To make a long story short he was very good to me, he was older than he first told me but who cared, he seem to love and care about me and I was feeling happy for maybe the first time in my life.

My birthday was in a couple days and he told me he had a big surprise for me. My thoughts were oh wow He is Amazing. I was beginning to believe that I could trust someone.

The night before my birthday he called and said be ready I will pick you up in the morning. Before I knew it I was out the door and on my way to my Birthday surprise. 

Not only was he taking me to the beauty shop but he also told me we were going out to dinner too. I was feeling so important and good about myself for once as all my life I had been told "you can't make a silk purse out of a sals ear"

This was my day and I was smiling as we drove, and drove and drove. I began to realize we had driven by the same car lot twice.

I asked him was he lost? He told me no. He knows where his friends beauty shop is. Then we pulled up out front and he told me he was going to pick a couple things up and he would be back.

I had never been to a beauty shop. I walked in and I heard a voice tell me to come on back and have a seat in the styling chair that he was washing his hands and would be right there.

I sat down and before I knew it he was behind me asking me how I wanted my hair cut? He sprayed my hair down with water and began to comb my hair when the phone rang. 

Shortly he returned. And told me so it's your birthday? So how about a free facial? On the house? I asked what was a facial? And he told me and added you can not open your eyes while the cream is on your face but I promise when I wash it off you will have beautiful skin. I agreed.

As he layed the chair back and put the cream on my face, the phone rang again and I overheard him say...no I'm with my last customer.

When he returned he put something up to my neck and said "if you scream, try to get away or say one word to anyone I’ll kill you  and he then grabbed my hair and pulled my head back further.

There are people in the parking lot and at both doors. So hope you don't start thinking stupid things he said.

I knew I was in trouble! I cannot describe the helplessness and terror I felt.

I sat there while listening to the back door screen squeak open and I heard many feet walking in. My mind began to spin. Until a voice told me do not fight, go along with everything and you will live, if you  fight you will die and be cut up into many pieces and buried in diffrent places.

I felt as if I was in a trans state of mind, known to me today as shock.

One by one they raped me. It must have been at least 15 and one small guy. I didn't say one word and neither did any of them. Both my hands stayed on each arm of the styling chair as they violently penetrated me.

I then heard them all walk out and the back screen door squeak closed and a couple vehicles drove away. The door shut and I heard it being locked.

I thought this is where I was going to have to fight. He came back to my chair and began raping me after the 15 others telling me that if I say one word to anyone about this He would be the first to know and that he would have to finish things and I know who your family is and where they live too.

That is when I knew I'd better continue listening to the Angel telling me to stay calm and live. He then told me your lucky I like you, will you come back again? I said oh yes and I will bring a friend if you like? He seemed very happy with that answer. I was in so much fear I told him exactly what he wanted to hear so I could live and get out of there.

When he was done he told me to pull up my pants and not to open my eyes until he washed off the face cream.

I did as he said. He washed off the cream, dried my face and fluffed up my hair. He told me to look straight ahead and not to leave until my boyfriend arrived.

He disappeared in the back and I heard the front door open and my boyfriend call my name. I walked out of that damn place alive, I think I was in even more shock.

My boyfriend told me my hair looked good but that plans had changed. He was too tired to go out and would pick me up in the morning to finish off my birthday surprise. 

I said ok I‘m loving my surprises so far and he said oh good. He drove me straight home. Without getting lost.

I got out of the car and told him I'd see him tomorrow. When I got inside I broke down like a damn and got into the shower right away. I was cussing, crying and for the life of me that damn bar of soap wasn't cleaning me good enough. I got out of the shower and went to the kitchen and grabbed the iron pot scrubbet and begin to literally scrub my skin till I begin to bleed!

That still wasn't working. I got out went back to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and I sat on the edge of the tub contemplating?

Again, the Angles voice told me to get up, pack my things and get the hell out of there. I snapped back to my senses. Got dressed and called my friend and told her I need you here as soon as possible and she told me I‘m on my way.

I heard a noise outside and it was the guy on the car lot commercial. He was taking my car. He told me my boyfriend had not made one payment on the car since he bought it. And away went my car.

I had already put a few boxes out on the front porch and he said "Your not going anywhere in this car" the car lot man was gone about 15 mins when all the sudden my friend drove up.

Oh thank God your here. We put everything I could into her car and drove away. I never looked back. I left everything I owned there.

My friend dropped me off at my sister's and for the next several years I have been crying myself to sleep and never told anyone because of the fear that lived inside my very soul until I wrote my story in my book “Flashback Artist”.

Knowing what I know now and what I have learned in life. I‘m happy to be alive today because each day was a struggle to stay alive I did not want to live  but I realized no one, or nothing is worth taking your own life. 

I went through many nightmares, made bad choices in life, rebelled and beat myself up for a long time, but today I am Standing UP for all my Sisters across the globe sharing my story in hopes it will save other lives as well as put these sexual  predators away for life.

My mission and goal is to help get the backlogged untested rape kits tested (400,000) to help prevent more rapes from happening to innocent victims across this country! Currently these predators are roaming the streets  searching for their next victim until these rape kits have been tested they will rape again and again. Will you please help us in this fight?

Stand UP International is a 501 c (3) All donations are tax deductible.

In closing I just want to say I AM A WARRIOR! I am the face of Stand UP International, and I AM ONE AMAZING BEAUTIFUL PERSON!

Thank you for sharing and reading my story. Together as we Stand UP we will change the outcome for many.


FeLisa E.

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Your Stories Matter

My father broke my nose at 6 yrs old. At 13 I was molested at Six Flags over GA. At 15 I was molested on a ski trip. At 18 I was coerced over months to have sex with the 35 yr old elder of the religion I was in. I had a son from that encounter. I married a few years later. My husband was an insane alcoholic who raped, choked and beat me for 7 yrs, also trying to stab me with a butcher knife. When I tried to get away my preacher told me I didn't love God if I left my marriage. Finally I left anyway, only to be gang raped by 5 men a year later. I am the face of SUI.


Life was great when I was born... and then it wasnt. I was abandoned as a baby, later I learned I was adopted by my grandparents. Let's skip ahead a bit I was 14 when I was first assaulted by my little brother, people have have asked how is that possible he was your little brother, my response is this he was twice my weight I weighed 70 lbs then and he was stronger. I did tell but noone listened so he knew he could get away with anything. For 4 years I endured this. He has now been diagnosed as a sexual sadistic person who feels nothing and has no remorse. That doesn't surprise me he did the same to his child. My lil bear. I really hope my story helps someone.


Here's my story.  

Raised on Welfare~ Pregnant at 17~ Lost my 33 days old Son at 19~ Lost a Brother at 21~ Divorced at 22~ Debt free at 35~ 6 Figure Income by 46  

I was the only girl of 7 raised by a single woman with a 6th-grade education; she had no education or skills and therefore we spent most of our lives on welfare  I was raised in poverty and with the belief i would never amount to anything  

I later found myself in the same position divorced raising 2 children alone and landing on welfare too.

Last year I wrote and published my book “Welfare to Wealth ~ The Money Story I Never Wanted To Tell”.  This is about my journey in discovery of overcoming a poverty mentality – and how I came to understand that wealth was already inside me.  

My life on welfare and the money struggles and lessons that taught me resourcefulness and savvy money skills.  

 My life was spent with a controlling mother, a cheating husband and personal tragedy that shaped my association with money to ultimately becoming a wealth advisor for women today.