Stand Up International

To provide a safe, healing platform for all Women and children  who  have been abused, discriminated against, oppressed, bullied, and/or a victim of crime.  As such, we believe it is imperative that our voices be heard and our stories are told; standing together as we carry forth this unstoppable movement designed with the intention to legislate tougher laws for social injustices and crimes committed against women; thereby empowering women around the world to stand up and unite.

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Our Services

Health & Wellness
Offering a Holistic approach with resources for services that include: Body, Mind, & Soul
Spiritual Guidance
Offering Motivation and Daily Reflections (include FB link to main Stand-Up International Sister Warriors.  This connects for Stephanie’s daily reading)
Offering Weekly Lessons (with Link to FB Stand-Up International Spirit Quest)
Support Groups
Offering support for Loss and Grief (with FB link to Stand-Up International GRIEF SUPPORT) and Addiction
Legislate for Justice
petitioning for the rights of women and children.  Attending events for the rights of Women and Children